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September 2005

First, welcome to our monthly newsletter. If this is your first edition, let me explain how you ended up on our newsletter list. You either signed up by entering your email address on our website (http://www.ramehart.com/goniometers/index.htm) or you contacted us recently regarding our line of world-renown ramé-hart contact angle goniometers. In either case, we would like to welcome you. We plan to make this newsletter a monthly occurrence. We may also use this list to send out new product announcements. Consequently, you should never receive from us more than two automated emails per month. If for whatever reason you ever decide you don't wish to receive our newsletter, please just click the link at the bottom of this message to be permanently removed from our list. If your email address ever changes, just go to our website http://www.ramehart.com/goniometers/index.htm and sign up again.

Rest assured that we protect your privacy: we never sell or distribute in anyway your email address; we don't use cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, pop-ups, or any other questionable tracking tools. We are really just interested in earning your business and communicating information about our product line which may be of value to you and your organization.

What's New
We recently launched our newest product: Model 120 CA Goniometer. This is a first for us in at least four different ways: It's our first goniometer to use our new proprietary LED backlighting system. During the past decade all of our instruments -- both manual and camera-based -- have used a fiber optic illuminator for back lighting. While we have been very happy with this solution, it's heavy, uses a lot of power, and is noisy. Our new LED backlight uses a fraction of the power, is quiet and cool, and on top of that, the bulb has an anticipated life of 60,000 hours. Overall, we're very happy with this new backlighting subsystem. Second, the Model 120 is our first instrument to use a FireWire camera. We've tested dozens of cameras and only after extensive research have we been able to find a camera and lens combination that will provide us with the same level of precision that we currently enjoy with our established 200/250 and 300/500 product line. Third, it's our first product to use our new DROPimage CA software. This version of our DROPimage software is simple to use and optimized for taking contact angle measurements without the sophistication and complexity of our DROPimage Standard or Advanced versions. Thus, DROPimage CA is well suited for classroom and QA environments. Fourth, our Model 120 is the most affordable camera-based goniometer we have ever offered -- making it a popular choice for schools and labs where the budget may be constrained.

The Model 120 is called our CA (Contact Angle) Goniometer as it's really optimized for contact angle measuring. It does not have software tools for calculating surface energy, surface tension, or for doing dynamic studies. Software upgrades are available. For more information, or to obtain a brochure or quotation, please contact us.

Tech Tip
At ramé-hart instrument co., we are constantly striving to improve our products -- making them more robust, more accurate, and more useful for the end-users. But as you know, anything that is based on technology is subject to the vagaries of constant change. Recently we've discovered some unusual services that are part of Windows XP which affect serial communications. Our Automated Dispensing System (previously called our Auto Pipetting System) is affected by these communications issues. Our previous default value for the timeout setting was 20 and in Windows 2000 worked fine. With the changes that Windows XP has made to serial communications, we've found that this setting is too low. In our latest versions of DROPimage we have changed the default setting to 50, which in all cases has resolved the the communications problems which have surfaced with users that have upgraded from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. If you feel you are affected by this issue, please review the step-by-step instructions located on our website under Standard Support
Survey Results
Recently we conducted a survey among our customers who have purchased one of our  instruments over the past two years. We learned a lot that will help us improve our products and focus on your needs. Here are a few of the results we'd like to share with you.

1. When asked Would you recommend ramé-hart instrument co. to a colleague looking for a surface science tool? an amazing 100% responded in the affirmative. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and reputation. We were the first company to mass produce a contact angle measuring device (back in the 1960's based on the design of Dr. William A. Zisman) and while we know that we are not the only company that makes surface science tools, we strive to be the best.

2. 93% of the respondents rated the overall quality of our instruments between Excellent and Above Average. 0% responded below average; and only one respondent answered simply average.

3. 47% of respondents use our instruments to perform (in addition to other tasks) dynamic (aka, advancing/receding) studies.

4. When asked How often do you use your ramé-hart instrument?, 48% answered that they use it on a daily basis; 33% use it at least once a week; 19% use it at least once a month.

Your feedback is important to us. Already we have made several minor changes to our design and software based on the feedback we received from this survey. If you have any comments, positive or negative, about our products, I would invite you to send them to us.

Featured Product
This month's featured product is our Automated Dispensing System, p/n 100-22-100. This optional tool is software-driven and is supported by both our DROPimage Standard and Advanced applications. We also offer a stand-alone program for those they may be using our older RHI software (now discontinued) or are using the dispensing tool with another tool.

The Automated Dispensing System is invaluable for making accurate drops. With the optional 50uL syringe, you can make drops in increments of less than 0.1uL. The system is also designed to be used in dynamic (advancing and receding) studies offering tremendous flexibility to the researcher in designing special experiments. Over 70% of our Model 300 and 500 sales include this optional accessory.

Thank you
Thank you for your repeat business, your referrals, your feedback, and your loyalty. If there is anything I can do to help you with an existing instrument, a new sale, or a quotation, please don't hesitate to call on me.


Carl Clegg
Director of Sales
Phone 973-448-0305