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October 2005

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What's New
Last month we featured our new Model 120, an entry-level Contact Angle Goniometer that uses a new FireWire camera and our new DROPimage CA software. This new tool is quite popular and has filled an important niche in our product lineup.

This month our new product focus is on our newest Imaging Upgrade Kit, p/n 200-22-50-200. This kit includes all of the components necessary to upgrade our Model 50 manual goniometer to a fully software-driven camera-based system. Once upgrade, your Model 50 becomes the equivalent of our current Model 200. This kit includes a CCD camera and lens assembly, a new mounting post, a PC, frame grabber hardware, our DROPimage Standard Software, and all the necessary cabling and parts. This is a popular migration route for universities and labs that wish to start out with a basic tool and then later expand its capabilities by converting it to an advanced software-driven tool. Once the instrument has been upgraded, additional options such as our Automated Dispensing System and DROPimage Advanced software can be deployed.

Shown above is a Model 50 that has been upgraded to a Model 200.

For many years we've offered an Imaging Upgrade Kit for our Model 100 goniometer (p/n 200-22-100-300). This is a still a very popular option as there are over two thousand Model 100s out in the field -- and includes all of the same components that the Model 50 kit includes. Because of the rugged and timeless design of the Model 100, most of them are still in use, including instruments that were manufactured over 40 years ago. Unlike the Model 50 upgrade kit, which is fairly straightforward, the Model 100 upgrade can be more involved since there are more varieties of the Model 100. The Model 50 exists in only one design as it's a newer model. Older varieties of the Model 100 often will need an upgrade to the backlighting system and will need a micro-syringe fixture which used to be offered only as an option. In some cases, it's more pragmatic to trade-in the legacy model and purchase a new instrument. If you're not sure what to do with your Model 100, call us and we'll explain the upgrade options.

Tech Corner
This month's focus is on keeping your goniometer PC free from parasites and viruses which can affect the performance of your PC. Recently we've heard from a number of customers whose goniometer PCs have become slow and otherwise unresponsive. In some cases, the performance is so poor that it affects the ability to run DROPimage and other basic Windows functions. In practically all cases it traces back to a virus or a type of parasite known as adware or spyware. Here are some tips for keeping your lab PC in top running condition:

1. Don't connect to the Internet. Your goniometer PC will be less susceptible to viruses and spyware parasites if it is not connected to the Internet. If you do connect to the Internet, install an anti-spyware utility such as Microsoft AntiSpyware currently available at no cost from microsoft.com.

2. Install an antivirus program and keep it up-to-date. At most of our corporate customers, their IT department will install the company standard antivirus when the instrument is deployed; this step is often overlooked at the universities where the virus and parasite problem is even more pervasive.

3. If your goniometer PC becomes slow or unresponsive, you may wish to run Windows System Restore feature. This will turn back the clock and put your PC to a prior state, before the parasite attached. Be aware, however, that this procedure will not necessarily remove viruses that reside in files on your hard drive. Consult your Windows documentation on how to run System Restore.

4. For a student lab environment, consider a utility such as Faronics Deep Freeze. Once installed, this utility will reset the computer on restart and prevents viruses and parasites from taking over. Just be aware that you will want to backup your user data (c:\dropimage\data) to a USB memory key as this too is reset on reboot.

5. Avoid the temptation to load too many other tasks on your goniometer PC. Often our users will install control software for other equipment as well as software for various lab and user applications. The more things going on, the more likely things will go wrong.

5. Only in absolutely worse case scenarios will the hard drive need to be reformatted and everything will need to be reinstalled. If this happens to you, contact us so we can help you get your frame grabber setup and DROPimage reinstalled.

Featured Product
This month's featured product is our standard quartz cell, p/n 100-07-05. This cuvette can be used in conjunction with and is a replacement part for our Environmental Fixture (p/n 100-07-60). But it can also be used standalone for holding your liquid samples while performing liquid/liquid studies and captive-bubble studies using our contact angle goniometer. This quartz cell alone or in conjunction with the environmental fixture is supported on every current goniometer model offered by ramé-hart instrument co. Below is a top and front view of the quartz cell.

For detailed specifications, additional images, or to order online, please go to: http://www.ramehart.com/quartz_cell.htm. In addition to our standard quartz cell we are not setup to make custom cells. Please contact us with your requirements.

Thank you
Thank you for your business. We've been working for over 40 years to become the world leader in contact angle instruments and we continue to work each day to maintain our leadership in the market. If there is anything I can do personally to help you selecting a new goniometer, or maintain an existing one, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


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