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December 2005

Happy Holidays
On behalf of everyone at ramé-hart instrument co., we would like to wish you a safe and joyful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

2005 has been a banner year for ramé-hart instrument co. On February 1, we restructured our organization and the resulting changes have lead to a more innovative product line-up and improved customer service. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers, agents, and vendors for their contribution to our success. Certainly we could not do it alone.

DROPimage Software

This month we will highlight each of our (3) versions of DROPimage software. DROPimage is designed for and bundled with most of the ramé-hart goniometers. The exception would be our manual instruments (such as the classic Model 100) which do not use software. The software can also be upgraded or purchased without an instrument.

DROPimage CA is the newest addition to our DROPimage product line. This is the simplest version and is designed primarily to measure Contact Angle (CA). This version of DROPimage is included with our Model 120 FireWire Contact Angle Goniometer and interfaces directly with the camera -- thus not requiring a frame grabber interface.

In addition to measuring Contact Angle, DROPimage CA includes a calibration tool -- necessary to compensate for the aspect ratio of the camera, and drop dimension tools -- for measuring the height and width of the drop. It is also possible to save the image file for future reference or to share with a colleague. Output data can also be exported.

DROPimage CA is both easy to use and easy to understand. Most importantly, it can easily be upgrade to DROPimage Standard or DROPimage Advanced.

Our DROPimage Standard software is bundled with our Model 200 and 300 goniometers. This edition includes support for our Automated Dispensing System, the same CA tools available in DROPimage CA, and seven additional tools for studying surface energy. These include: the Acid Base Tool, based on the van Oss method which requires (3) different known test liquids, two polar and one apolar; the Surface Energy Tool, which requires two unique test liquids with known properties and is based on the geometric-mean and harmonic-mean methods of Drs. D. K. Owens and S. Wu; the Work of Adhesion Tool determines an index of wettability based on Dr. van der Waals' Absorption Theory; the Zisman's Plot Tool which summarizes wetting behavior allowing predictions of an interpolative nature using a homologous series of liquids; the Solid-Liquid-Liquid Surface Energy Tool which evaluates the surface energy of a solid using contact angles of a single test liquid while the solid is submerged in a series of different liquids in our optional environmental fixture or environmental chamber; the Multi Liquid Surface Energy Tool based on Dr. W Rabel's wetting theories; and, lastly, the simple One Liquid Surface Energy Tool based on Dr. D. Y. Kwok's recent studies. Note that Zisman's Plot is named after Dr. William A. Zisman, the inventor of the original ramé-hart goniometer first built over 40 years ago for the Bethesda Naval Research Lab in Maryland.

Both DROPimage Standard and DROPimage Advanced support the .CA file format and thus can exchange data with our now retired legacy application ramé-hart imaging (RHI) software. Both support various image file formats and can export data to ASCII and comma-delimited formats for importing into Excel and other PC-based applications.

DROPimage Advanced has all the features of DROPimage Standard but additionally is designed for studying interfacial and surface tension. DROPimage Advanced uses drop shape analysis to characterize the properties and dimensions of pendant and sessile drops with the end toward characterizing and measuring the interfacial and surface tension properties.

Advanced is method-based consisting of an array of parameters and values which are saved with and stored in a methods file. This feature allows for easy and accurate recalculation. An on-screen results windows reports data while an integrated report generator allows for data to be formatted for presentation and archival purposes. A series of images can be taken in quick succession allowing for video replay. In addition to the method and parameter files, optional time, event, and phase files can be integrated into your experiment to define precise dynamic changes for advancing and receding studies, studies over time, and constant volume studies. Included with Advanced is a Plot Graph tool and its accompanying Graph Designer tool. The Session Control feature allows you to setup your work environment and settings for quick recall. We are unaware of any software product on the market that has as many features as DROPimage Advanced for studying surface energy and interfacial tension.

On request, we would be happy to send you more information and pricing on our DROPimage products including additional licenses and upgrades. Please contact us. If you have any software already from ramé-hart please be sure to let us know which program and version you are running.

Featured Products
This month's featured products are our Calibration Tools.

For our manual instruments, we offer two different tools: p/n 100-10-4590 is a 45-45-90 angle plate, show at right below; p/n 100-10-3060, show at left, is a  30-60-90 angle plate. The angle plate is located on the stage and is used to take a measurement using the microscope assembly (with Model 50 or 100). The results will dictate if the stage needs to be leveled or if the instrument needs to be factory serviced and recalibrated.

Each of these tools is also available in a calibrated version (p/n 100-10-4590-C and 100-10-3060-C). The calibrated version includes a certificate from a third-party certified lab that attests to its precision.

For our camera-based systems, we offer p/n 100-01-31-U. This tool ships standard with all new camera-based goniometers and consists of a suspended ball used for calibrating the tool with any version of DROPimage. There is also a pin that can be positioned horizontally or vertically for an additional level of calibration. We also offer a certified version of this tool, p/n 100-01-31-C, which comes with a certificate.

Lastly, we offer p/n 100-01-38-U. This tool consists of (2) steel droplets -- one fixed at 30 degrees and one at 60 degrees. This tool is ideal for checking your goniometer (any type) and verifying that you are taking valid measurements. We offer this in a certified version as well, p/n 100-01-38-C.

Note that all of the above-mentioned calibration tools are currently available for purchase on our website. Go to ramehart.com, click on goniometers, then Parts Ordering Online. Or, simply click here: http://www.ramehart.com/shop/ Many other spare parts are also available at here.

Happy New Year
We look forward to bringing new innovative solutions to market during 2006 and, via this monthly newsletter, will be communicating them to you. We appreciate your feedback and your continued business. We've worked hard for over 40 years to build and maintain a reputation as the world's leader in surface science instruments and will continue to work hard to earn your business and confidence.   

All of us at ramé-hart instrument co. wish to extend to you, your family, and your organization a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


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