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July 2007

DROPimage Version 2.1

This month we have released a new version of our flagship DROPimage application. Version 2.1 is now available and shipping for both DROPimage Standard and DROPimage Advanced offering full support for Windows Vista as well as Windows XP and Windows 2000. (Support for Windows NT has been discontinued.) In addition to Vista support, we have also updated the interface with Vista-style controls and menus. Below is a screen shot from DROPimage Standard 2.1 running on Windows Vista.

To see how easy DROPimage is to use, click on the video below to watch how the instrument is first calibrated, and then how a contact angle is measured. The video below was made using DROPimage Standard v2.1 running on Windows Vista.

There are three editions of DROPimage: DROPimage CA is our most basic offering and is optimized for measuring contact angles. This edition is included with our Model 100-F0 and 120-F0 CA Goniometers. In addition to the contact angle tool, there is also a calibration tool and tools for saving and opening files. All data collected in DROPimage CA is fully upward compatible with DROPimage Standard and Advanced.

DROPimage Standard ships standard with our Models 200-F1, 300-F1, and 400-F1. In addition to contact angle measurements, Standard also includes a suite of surface energy tools: Acid-Base Tool; One-liquid, Two-liquid, and Multi-liquid Surface Energy Tools; Work of Adhesion Tool; and Zisman's Plot Tool.

DROPimage Advanced includes all the features of Standard plus the ability to measure surface tension using pendant and sessile drop methods. Advanced also features more advanced reporting and graphing as well as an experiment wizard for setting up complex event-driven experiments. Advanced ships with Models 250-F1 and 500-F1. 

Both Standard and Advanced (but not CA) support the optional Automated Dispensing System for performing dynamic studies -- such as Advancing / Receding measurements.

Software Upgrades
We pride ourselves on extending the life of your hardware by making software upgrades that are backward compatible. Consequently, we offer upgrades from one edition to the next (e.g., from CA to Standard or Standard to Advanced) as well as upgrades from old versions (e.g., from v1.0 to v1.5) to newer versions.

Between v1.5 and v2.0 we made a major shift, however, from the legacy analog interface to the newer and faster digital FireWire interface. This upgrade offers greater flexibility, higher capture speeds, and reduces the need for a proprietary frame grabber card. This means that DROPimage v2.0 and v2.1 can now run on a notebook with IEEE1394 interface.

We also offer an Imaging Upgrade Kit (p/n 400-22-F1) which includes all of the components necessary to upgrade a legacy analog system to a new digital system. Included are: a new camera, DROPimage 2.1 upgrade, as well as a FireWire PC and LCD.

If you are interested in a software version upgrade or an upgrade to a higher edition, please contact us for current pricing and more product information.



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