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August 2008

Advanced Chamber
For many years ramé-hart has offered a variety of special purpose chambers for use with its goniometers. These include an Environmental Chamber with optional Temperature Control, a High Pressure Chamber, an Environmental Chamber with Humidity, Environmental Chamber with Wafer Support and many custom chambers. These chambers allow researchers to control the temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions in order to replicate real world and specific controlled conditions, increase reproducibility, and study the effects temperature, pressure, humidity, and different gas phases have on the contact angle, surface energy, and surface tension of their test specimens.

Recently we have built a new Advanced Chamber which is available in two versions. The first, Advanced Chamber with Temperature and Humidity, p/n 100-26-TH, replaces our former Environmental Chamber with Humidity p/n 100-07H. And the second, Advanced Chamber with Temperature, p/n 100-26-T, is the same chamber but provides only temperature control. The new Advanced Chamber is modular allowing us to customize the design and adapt it to the needs of our customers. Unlike the prior chamber which had a unibody design, our new Advanced Chamber is constructed from 8 panels which can be interchanged and customized for special requirements. The standard layout provides 6" diameter rotating specimen support, leveling base, gas ports, cooling ports, (2) thermocouple ports, (2) quartz windows, inlets for dry air and wet air, outlets for exhaust and pressure relief, a housing for the humidity probe, and an electrical interface for the heaters. The TH version includes an ultrasonic humidifier and humidity and temperature controller with 0-100% humidity and ambient to 85° C temperature control. When humidity is disabled, the temperature can be controlled to 230° C. The H version includes a 0-230° C temperature only controller. We also have an upgrade kit, p/n 100-26-H-KIT, which will upgrade the T to TH.

ramé-hart Advanced Chamber with Humidity and Temperature p/n 100-26-TH

The chamber can also be used with our quartz cell for performing liquid/liquid and captive bubble studies in a controlled environment. Dispensing is done by needle with either our microsyringe assembly or Automated Dispensing System. The lid can be modified for special drop disposition requirements.

If you have any questions or would like a quotation for either the 100-26-TH or 100-26-H, please contact us.

Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion
Last month we sponsored and attended the Sixth International Symposium on Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion which was held at the University of Maine. It was a great success and a number of new research studies were presented. In fact, 60 papers were presented from at least 16 different countries. We'll be looking at a few of them in future newsletters. The proceedings from each symposium are chronicled in book form. Due to our customers' requests, we now stock these volumes and have Volumes 5, 4, and 3 in stock. Copies can be ordered online at our website (www.ramehartstore.com) or by calling us.

Each paper is rigorously peer-reviewed and revised and edited before being included in each volume. Volume 5, the latest in the series, is divided into three parts: Part 1, Contact Angle Measurements and Solid Surface Free Energy; Part 2, Relevance of Wetting in Cleaning and Adhesion; Part 3, Superhydrophobic Surfaces.

The topics covered include: Fundamental aspects of contact angle and its measurement; solidification contact angles of micro-droplets; microscopic wettability of wood; dynamic vapor-liquid interfacial tension; surface free energy of polymeric materials; surface cleanliness evaluation from wettability measurements; wettability parameters affecting surface cleanability of stainless steel and textiles; wetting and adhesion in fibrous materials; wettability and adhesion of coatings; adhesion of hydrophobizing agents; modulation of surface properties of polymers; graft efficiency and adhesion; relevance of interfacial free energy in cell adhesion; various approaches to create superhydrophobic surfaces; adsorption of surfactants on hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces.

Each volume represents a cross-section of current research trends on contact angle and wettability and is an invaluable resource for the researcher and surface scientist.



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