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June 2010

Certified Fixed Pendant Drop Calibration Reference Tool

Last year we introduced a Certified Fixed (Sessile) Drop Calibration Reference Tool (p/n 100-27-03) which replaced our legacy fixed drop tool. See January 2009 Newsletter for details. This product was designed to provide our contact angle goniometer customers with a way to check the integrity of their setup and method. If the instrument is calibrated, working properly, and used correctly, then the measured results should be within a prescribed range and typically very close to the nominal 30°, 60°, 90°, and 120° contact angles. This tool has become popular with our contact angle customers. 

Several of our tensiometer customers have requested a similar tool but with pendant drops which can be used to measure surface tension. Thus we have developed a new product, the Certified Fixed Pendant Drop Calibration Reference Tool (p/n 100-27-05). This tool consists of (10) different pendant drops which represent liquids from water (with surface tension of 72.8 mN/m) to 1-Nitropropane (with a surface tension of 29.40 mN/m). The various pendant drops are shown below. Like the sessile drop tool, this product will ensure that the equipment is setup and calibrated properly and that correct measurement procedures are being used. This tool is designed to be used with any current version of DROPimage Advanced.

The key advantage to a fixed drop tool is that the results are not subject to contamination, evaporation, change in humidity and other environmental variables. If the user obtains results outside of the acceptable range, the reason can be easily traced to the calibration or the method used for measurement. The video below shows how a simple experiment is created using the Experiment Wizard in DROPimage Advanced and then the surface tension of drop "A" is measured. If you have any trouble accessing the video from your newsletter, click here to run it in your browser:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpaKmOusXos The same experiment can then be run on each of the remaining (9) drops.


ramé-hart DROPimage utilizes the pendant drop and sessile drop methods for measuring surface and interfacial tension. DROPimage Advanced employs a proprietary edge tracing technology to precisely capture and analyze the drop dimensions and profile characteristics in order to accurately calculate the surface tension of a liquid using the Young-Laplace equation.

The Certified Fixed Pendant Drop Calibration Reference Tool (p/n 100-27-05) can be ordered at our online store www.ramehartstore.com.

Tech Support Update

For those of you who are using any version of DROPimage with any F1 series ramé-hart instrument, there is an issue that is caused by a Microsoft Security Patch which has a documented issue with some FireWire interfaces. The symptom is that after the patch is installed (which can occur during a Windows Manual or Automatic Update) the DROPimage live video window will not show video. The driver still appears to load and work properly however, and the green LED on the back of the camera will come on when DROPimage is started. But live video fails. The problem is easily remedied by removing Microsoft KB975560. This can be done from Windows Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs. Be sure to check on the box to show windows updates. Alternately, System Restore can be used to roll the PC back to a date prior to the Windows Update. If you use this approach, be sure to turn off Automatic Updates to prevent Windows Update from installing the errant patch again. We are currently working on an updated camera driver which will overcome the bug in the security patch. When it becomes available, we will post it on the Technical Support page of our website.

If you have any questions regarding this issue or require assistance in resolving this or any other technical issue with your tool, don't hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to Walter Antonik

This month we'd like to welcome Walter Antonik, our newest employee. Mr. Antonik is a master machinist with 35 years of machining experience who brings to our shop extensive experience in fabricating high-tolerance milled and turned parts as well as finishing and assembling precision mechanical components and assemblies.

Request for Proposal for Transparent Self-Cleaning Films and Hard Coatings

Do you or your organization have a self-cleaning technology that will keep a surface clean and looking good for up to 10 years? The approach could involve a nanosurface, regulation of surface energies through a surface treatment, or other novel approaches. If you have an idea, you may be interested in this request for proposal. Details can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/22noa7k


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