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ramé-hart instrument co. September 2013 Newsletter

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The ramé-hart Automated Dispensing System (Model 100-22)
The ramé-hart Automated Dispensing System remains the single best-selling option for our line of goniometers and tensiometers. It is now included on our automated models and serves to increase drop volume precision as well as for performing dynamic and time-dependant studies. It's very easy to switch from one liquid to another via the disposable tips. A number of different tips, adapters, syringes, needles, and other spare parts are available to accommodate a variety of applications. We even have customers who purchase the Automated Dispensing System for stand-alone use or for use with other specialized equipment.

In an effort to illustrate how easy it is to switch between liquids using the ramé-hart Automated Dispensing System and also to review some of its features and benefits, we recently produced the video below. Click on it or go to: http://youtu.be/fukumi3et_E

Video showing features and operation of Automated Dispensing System 100-22

If you have any questions regarding the Automated Dispensing System, or would like a quotation, please contact us.

Making the World a Little More Superhydrophobic
This article is a follow up to last month's discussion on my Puma Clyde Suede Sneakers and how I made them superhydrophobic for less than twenty dollars. If you missed it, it's here: http://www.ramehart.com/newsletters/2013-08_news.htm

We purchased Rustoleum NeverWet from Home Depot to treat my sneakers as well as a number of other items. I implied that there was virtually no competition for spray-on coatings that make surfaces superhydrophobic. I was quickly advised by several readers of other products on the market that accomplish the same task and, in some cases, with less effort and perhaps better results.

Accordingly, we purchased a can of Hydrobead-T Aerosol which is comparable in price to the NeverWet product (just under $20). However, the Hydrobead product requires only a single application whereas NeverWet requires a base coat and top coat with at least a half hour wait in between. While it was obvious that the Hydrobead product is less hassle to apply, we were curious to know how it stacked up to NeverWet in making a surface more non-wetting. So, we tested the two products side-by-side on (3) different samples: untreated polished glass, sand-blasted 6061 Aluminum that had been black anodized, and a piece of fabric from a patio umbrella.

The chart below shows the before and after results of our tests:

Sample Before Treatment NeverWet Treated Hydrobead Treated
Glass 42.70° 158.16° 159.56°
Aluminum 89.05° 156.90° 161.90°
Fabric 149.74° 146.97° 147.82°

On the glass sample, the results were nearly the same, an increase of about 116° for each with Hydrobead testing nominally more hydrophobic.

On the aluminum sample, Hydrobead beat out NeverWet by 5°. However, another real significant difference between the two treatments is the discoloration. See the picture below. The Hydrobead-treated sample remained black despite changing texture slightly becoming more velvety. The NeverWet-treated sample, by contrast, changed to a blueberry hue in addition to becoming velvety and somewhat sticky to the touch.

Shown from Left to Right: Untreated sample, Hydrobead-treated sample, NeverWet-treated sample

In summary, both NeverWet and Hydrobead are effective in making most surfaces super- or nearly superhydrophobic. Hydrobead appears to be slightly more effective, can be applied with a single coat (no base coat required), and does not discolor the surface like NeverWet does.

All measurements were taken using a ramé-hart Model 290 Automated Goniometer / Tensiometer with DROPimage Advanced software.


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