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October 2016


Twenty-One Applications
The ramé-hart contact angle goniometer is an extremely versatile tool - which explains why we have customers from a diverse spectrum of industries and areas of research. This month we will detail twenty-one applications our customers are currently using our tools for. Here they are in no particular order:

1. An aerospace company research lab uses contact angle to develop methods for adhesively bonding joints between parts made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymers. For years, mechanical fasteners have been used because they are the easiest and lowest-cost way to meet certification requirements. The potential cost and weight benefits of composite polymers, however, cannot be achieved until joints can be bonded without traditional mechanical fasteners.

2. A manufacturer of sensors for aviation and self-driving cars uses a ramé-hart goniometer to test superhydrophobic coatings designed to keep sensor lenses free of rain and snow.

3. The R&D department at a major textile company uses contact angle to optimize hydrophobic properties of engineered fabric used in marine and outdoor environments.

4. The maker of industrial touchscreens uses a ramé-hart goniometer to measure olephobicity of various coatings and treatments used on the cover glass of their touchscreens which comes in contact with finger oils.

5. A ramé-hart customer is developing methods for using synthetic and naturally modified polymers for use in human cell attachment. This research is specifically aimed at developing superior burn and wound care products.

6. A fabricator of metal finishes for hand rails, decks, and other outdoor metal fixtures is using a ramé-hart goniometer to determine wetting properties of their coatings with an aim toward increasing contact angle and self-cleaning behavior. If a drop rolls off a surface and takes some dirt with it, the surface will remain less contaminated than a surface where rain drops are left to dry.

7. A customer developing a new paint product measures the surface tension of their test mix to determine if sufficient additives have been included in order to achieve optimal wetting behavior for both spraying and spreading applications.

8. Researchers at a midwestern university are using interfacial tension studies to predict the distribution of non-aqueous phase liquid waste in groundwater.

9. Another customer is using a ramé-hart goniometer / tensiometer to measure the surface tension of an adhesive over time in order to determine how the surface tension changes as the product is exposed to air and dries.

10. Scientists at a personal care company are measuring the water contact angle on hair tresses in order develop shampoo and conditioning products that deliver hydrophobic behavior while preserving sheen, luster, volume, and other desirable visual properties.

11. Researchers in Brazil are using a ramé-hart instrument to study the work of adhesion of milk on stainless steel surfaces with an eye toward promoting improved surface cleaning methods and deterring bacterial adhesion.

12. A manufacturer of thermoplastic nonwovens uses a ramé-hart tool to measure the surface energy of a geometric apertured film product that is laminated to other materials in order to serve as an adhesive bonding layer.

13. A Model 290 is employed at a biopharmaceutical company research lab to develop innovative engineered tissue and other biomaterials used for orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery applications.

14. A manufacturer of masonry paver sealers uses a Model 250 to measure the rate of water absorption, if any, for sealer formulations on a variety of brick and paver products.

15. It's not easy to print on foil used for frozen food packaging. A customer uses a ramé-hart tool equipped with our Peltier Environmental Chamber to test surface energy and wetting properties on films in a chilled environment as cold as -50° C.

16. Engineers responsible for improving the design of water cooling systems used in industrial applications, such as electric power plants, use surface tension to better characterize the cooling water for open recirculation.

17. Researchers use contact angle testing to develop a coating with a contact angle over 150° used to improve microwave satellite communication by reducing adhesion of ice, rain, and snow on satellite dishes, radomes, and antennae.

18. The maker of hydrophilic tape used in diagnostic and microfluidic devices uses a ramé-hart goniometer as a quality control tool to ensure their product meets stringent customer specifications.

19. Contact angle hysteresis is measured with a Model 290 to determine both chemical and surface heterogeneity on fiberglass materials at a major materials conglomerate.

20. A ramé-hart customer uses a Model 200 Standard Goniometer equipped with an Automated Dispensing System to measure the surface energy using the two-liquid tool on materials prior to introducing them to a chemical vapor deposition system. Ultimately, the goniometer will be a QC tool used in a production environment.

21. An instrument maker in NJ (that would be us) uses a ramé-hart instrument to perform lab testing on wide array of materials and for an even wider array of applications.

New Product
Due to customer demand, we are pleased to report we now offer an assortment of reusable Straight 304 Stainless Steel Needles for dispensing at a significant savings over purchasing these needles separately. The assortment (p/n 100-10-12-ASST) includes (1) needle for each even gauge between 14g and 30g and (2) 22g needles - a total of ten needles - and is available here. Many of our customers work with liquids of varying viscosities and surface tension. For dispensing and particularly for surface tension and interfacial tension measurements, it's important to work with the correct needle size. For water and aqueous liquids we recommend 22g. As the viscosity and surface tension decrease, a higher gauge needle is recommended. For higher viscosities, use a lower gauge. These needles are compatible with our manual microsyringe assembly and Automated Dispensing System with the needle adapter.

Needle Assortment p/n 100-10-12-ASST

Use the coupon below to save $25 off the Needle Assortment when purchased online at our webstore. Use coupon code NEEDLEASST on or before 31-Oct-2016.


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