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The Spinneret
Spring 2016
A ramé-hart Newsletter Covering Coaxial and Triaxial Needle Products


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Our New Website www.customspinnerets.com
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website www.customspinnerets.com which includes the product pages for our prebuilt and custom coaxial and triaxial needles. We are pleased to announce that ramé-hart instrument co. is the world leader in fabricating all types of spinnerets and emitters used in electrospraying and electrospinning applications.

Welcome to The Spinneret
We are also pleased to present you with our premier edition of The Spinneret. This new quarterly newsletter is dedicated to our customers who are involved in electrospinning and electrospraying applications and thus have a requirement for our custom and prebuilt coaxial and triaxial needles. You have been added to this list because you are an existing customer who has purchased our coaxial needle products in the past - or you have been referred to us by a colleague who has recommended we reach out to you. If you do not wish to receive this quarterly newsletter, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the unsubscribe link.

Just for reading, we'd like to give you $25 off your next ramé-hart spinneret order. Simply use the coupon below at our web store. Go to http://www.ramehart.us/coaxial-needles/. Limit one use per customer.

What's New
As the world leader in custom-made coaxial and triaxial spinnerets, we have been busy updating our offerings and making it even easier to order our prebuilt and made-to-order products. Here are some highlights of what's new:

1. Our new website: www.customspinnerets.com

2. This newsletter, The Spinneret, scheduled for quarterly release.

3. We now offer four different prebuilt coaxial needles which are in stock and ready to ship same day. A copy of the drawing can be found here: http://www.ramehart.com/pdf/coaxial_prebuilt.pdf. These can be ordered online here: http://www.ramehart.us/prebuilt-coaxial-needle/.

4. We also now offer a prebuilt triaxial needle. A copy of the drawing can be found here http://www.ramehart.com/pdf/triaxial_prebuilt.pdf. This item is also kept in stock for immediate delivery. It can be ordered online here: http://www.ramehart.us/prebuilt-triaxial-needle/.

5. When ordering a custom coaxial needle (see http://www.ramehart.us/custom-coaxial-needle/), we now offer an expedite option which improves the fabrication time from our standard one week to just two days (excluding time in transit). You can also add a 3-pack of PTFE Washers (used to seal the inner component and outer component together and prevents leakage), our Electrospinning Check Tool, and a Tubing Kit which includes (2) lengths of Tygon Tubing and mating Luer Couplings.

6. The disassembly option is now standard on all coaxial and triaxial needles. This allows for easier cleaning.

7. We've streamlined the ordering process. For prebuilt and custom coaxial needle ordering instructions, please visit this new page: http://www.customspinnerets.com/#!coaxial/rs9qj. And for prebuilt and custom triaxial ordering instructions, please visit this page: http://www.customspinnerets.com/#!triaxial/o5pxy.

Coaxial and Triaxial Needle FAQ
Q1: When I'm ready to order, is it easier and faster to just call you up and place the order over the phone?
A: Actually, no. We prefer and recommend that you order online. This assures that all correct configuration data is captured, that the price is calculated correctly, and that your credit card payment information is securely processed. If you call us, we simply type it into the same screen which increases the chances of error. To get started, go to http://www.customspinnerets.com/#!coaxial/rs9qj. And follow the simple instructions on that page. 

Q2: Can I order a coaxial or triaxial needle using a purchase order?
A: Yes, here are two ways to do that: (1) Place the order online and when you get to the payment screen, simply choose "Check or Purchase Order". Then forward us a purchase order referencing the order number and cost. (2) Complete the design worksheet and include that with your purchase order. If you are unsure of the final price (after options are added), you can check online or contact us. Purchase orders are accepted from universities and rated firms.

Q3: I'm outside of the US and cannot pay with a credit card. What is the best way to pay?
A: We recommend you place the order online and then for payment options, choose "Bank Wire". Instructions for remitting payment to our bank via wire transfer will be provided. Remittance must be received before the order is processed.

Q4: Can you prepare a proforma invoice?
A: We can but we prefer not to. If you require a proforma invoice and there is no other way to process the order, then order online and choose "Request Proforma Invoice". We will prepare a proforma invoice and email it to you. Note there is a $25 processing charge for proforma transactions. If you are outside the US, we recommend that you choose "Bank Wire" and make the remittance. In that case, there is no extra charge. For US buyers, we recommend credit card or purchase order. 

Q5: I need (10) coaxial needles. Do you offer any kind of discount?
A: Yes, please contact us for volume discounts. Please note that volume discounts start with orders that include (5) or more coaxial or triaxial needles on the same order.

Q6: Can you recommend the best coaxial needle configuration for my application?
A: The truth is: no. We actually don't do any electrospinning or electrospraying here at our facility. It's up to you to determine the optimal gauges and dimensions and then we will make it exactly as you specify.

Q7: I need something special that cannot be described using your worksheet?
A: No problem. We make special order needles all the time. Two special order needles are shown below. This page http://www.customspinnerets.com/#!special-orders/yhx4t details more information on our special orders. When you're ready, just contact us with a sketch or a drawing and we'd be happy to determine feasibility and from there work up a quotation.

Special Order Triaxial

Special Order Coaxial Style C with Offset Shaft

Q8: How do I clean my coaxial needle?
A: If necessary, you can disassemble the needle. Clean with IPA. For more stubborn buildup, use acetone or toluene. You can also use an ultrasonic cleaner. All parts are autoclavable. The washer is made from PTFE which is resistant to most chemicals. The needle shafting is Type 304 Stainless Steel. The hubs are chrome-plated brass. In some cases, a cleaning wire may help remove stubborn buildup in the inner needle. Note that during ordering, a second inner needle can be optionally included as typically this is the first one to wear out or clog up after many uses.

Q9: What is the smallest inner needle component?
A: 28g.

Q10: How do you make the inner needle concentric with the outer needle?
A: We add dimples to the outer needle near the tip in order to guide the inner needle to the center.

Q11: What if I don't want the dimples?
A: No problem. Simply put "no dimples" in Comments box during checkout and we will exclude them. However, without the dimples we cannot guarantee concentricity.

Q12: Can you make a free sample for us?
A: We'd love to, but each coaxial needle is handmade and due to the many hours it takes to fabricate one, we would go bankrupt if we handed out free samples. Sorry.

Thank you for your spinneret business. We greatly appreciate it. We work really hard each day to stay number one in this niche market.


Carl Clegg
Director of Sales
Phone 973-448-0305
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