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May 2018

  Making the World a Better Place
  Are you making the world a better place? Let's face it: most everyone would like to make the world a better place - including us. So, this month we'd like to showcase a narrow subset of recent customers who are using our tools and products to develop methods and materials that improve the quality of life for humans everywhere. Here are ten:
  1. ramé-hart customer Latitude Pharmaceuticals (San Diego, CA) provides innovative drug formulation development and delivery systems. They tackle challenges such as insolubility, molecular instability, and poor adsorption. Latitude's technologies and drug delivery systems help improve pharmaceutical manufacturing, safety, and help lower costs and improve efficacy.
  2. ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) develops touch/proximity sensors for the automotive industry to make cars safer and more user-friendly. They also are developing imaging sensors for extremely low-light applications such as night surveillance. These sensors improve safety for our troops even on moonless nights.
  3. Several ramé-hart customers are using our goniometers to develop coatings for AI goggles - making them not only more hydrophobic (i.e., water and rain resistant) but also oleophobic (fingerprint resistant).

  4. Embody (Norfolk, VA) is developing advanced manufacturing methods for implants and regenerative technologies to help orthopedic patients regain mobility sooner, restore pre-injury performance and with lower rates of reinjury.
  5. Desktop Metal (Burlington, MA) is developing methods for using 3D printing technology to print - not plastic or polymer-based parts - but actual metal parts. The novel methods used lower cost and compete with traditional manufacturing processes on price but with faster throughput, improved quality, and less waste.

  6. Saint-Gobain (Merrimack, NH) specializes in making habitats more habitable. By improving glass coatings for windows, insulation, and other building materials, homes and buildings can be constructed that are more energy efficient, offer improved lighting and sound management while maintaining aesthetic appeal and comfort.

  7. Scanogen (Baltimore, MD) is building molecular diagnostic systems based on single molecule biosensors which use micron-sized particles to send optical signals to proprietary devices. This technology can greatly improve cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  8. Sigilon Therapeutics (Cambridge, MA) develops cell-driven therapies including novel biomaterials to provide a more natural control of chronic diseases. These solutions address blood disorders and diabetes as well as over 50 lysosomal storage disorders.
  9. Arkema (Bristol, PA) is leveraging their expertise in high performance materials to design new lightweight thermoplastics and nanomaterials that can replace heavier metal and glass parts for automotive applications. In addition to improving mechanical properties, these materials are recyclable and improve automotive fuel consumption by reducing a car's weight. 

  10. Eyeyon (Nes Ziona, Israel) develops medical ophthalmic devices. Their therapeutic contact lens (Hyper-CL) treats corneal edema, a condition marked by irregularities at the air/tear-film interface. By improving corneal healing and vision, quality of life is advanced.

If your organization is using a ramé-hart instrument or product to help make the world a better place, please let us know. We'd like to include your contribution in part two of this article which we hope to publish in a future edition of this newsletter.

  Product of the Month: Peltier Environmental Chamber
  This month we feature our popular Peltier Environmental Chamber, p/n 100-30. Our unique design uses multiple Peltier modules to achieve a maximum temperature range from as low as -50°C to as high as +150°C. Temperatures can be regulated to within 0.1°C due to the precision power supplies and controllers in the included controller.

Temperature logging is available in DROPimage Advanced. For more details and to access our PDF Brochure, see http://www.ramehart.com/accessories.htm#100-30. For a quotation or if you have any questions regarding our Peltier Environmental Chamber or any of our products, please contact us.


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