ramé-hart instrument company Announces New DROPimage Pro Software

Succasunna, NJ, USA September 4, 2018 - Today ramé-hart instrument company announces the release of DROPimage Pro, a new edition of their DROPimage software used by surface scientists and researchers to measure surface properties and wetting behaviors.

"DROPimage Pro represents an innovative effort to bring together tools and features that we have been developing and polishing over the the past twenty years," says Dr. Finn Knut Hansen, the programmer of DROPimage Pro. "This is an exciting new product that adds value for our customers and helps position DROPimage as the leader in contact angle and surface tension analysis," says Carl Clegg, Director of Sales at ramé-hart instrument co.

DROPimage Pro features the same powerful contact angle and surface energy tools found in the DROPimage Standard software which has been available for over a decade. However, DROPimage Pro adds a new Surface Tension Tool for measuring both surface tension as well as interfacial tension. Parties interested in viewing this new Surface Tension Tool can do so with this one-minute video:

With the release of DROPimage Pro, ramé-hart will also be introducing a new model, Model 210 Goniometer / Tensiometer which will ship with DROPimage Pro installed. This new model replaces the Standard Goniometer Model 200 with DROPimage Standard. DROPimage Standard software will be retired and users of DROPimage Standard can upgrade to the Pro edition for free (if the instrument is under one year old) or for a nominal upgrade fee for older instruments. Model 400 which previously shipped with DROPimage Standard will now include DROPimage Pro at no additional cost.

"Our roots are in contact angle goniometry," says Clegg, "but we have been selling tensiometers for nearly as long. We're pleased to say that now all but our most entry-level instrument model are both goniometers and tensiometers. This nicely positions us to offer more powerful tools to our customers and offer a wider swath of functionality at an amazing and highly competitive price point." 

ramé-hart was founded in 1961 and is credited with building the world's first commercially available contact angle goniometer, the Model 100, an optical instrument based on the design of Dr. William A. Zisman of the Naval Research Laboratory. Thousands of these instruments were manufactured over the ensuing decades with hundreds still in use today. All of the instruments currently offered by ramé-hart are camera-based and software-controlled. For more information on their products and software, visit their website at

Contact: Carl Clegg, Director of Sales,, 973-448-0305