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The Spinneret
Late Summer 2018
A ramé-hart Newsletter devoted to Coaxial, Triaxial, Quadaxial and Custom
Spinnerets used for Electrospinning and Related Applications


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Free Coaxial Needle
ramé-hart instrument co. is the world's largest fabricator of custom coaxial needles and spinnerets. In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, learn more about our new Island-in-the-sea Spinneret and Side-by-side Spinnerets. Both of these products are available in a prebuilt version as well as a custom made-to-order version. We also fabricate spinneret arrays to order.

A Sampling of Custom and Prebuilt ramé-hart Coaxial Needles

However, our most popular spinneret product is our Coaxial Needle - available in prebuilt and custom configurations. We'd like to offer you one prebuilt coaxial needle for free simply for trying a few of them. Use the coupon below to mix and match sizes and get one free. To get started, go to: https://www.customspinnerets.com/coaxial

Island-in-the-sea Spinneret

For many years ramé-hart instrument co. has been the world leader in custom spinnerets used for electrospinning, electrospraying, and other other applications. Based on valuable feedback from our customers, we have added an Island-in-the-sea Spinneret design to our repertoire of spinneret products. The Island-in-the-sea is much like a coaxial spinneret except that instead of having a single inner needle, it features two separate inner needles (as shown below) - each one capable of ejecting a separate liquid.

ramé-hart Island-in-the-sea Spinneret Tip Detail

We currently offer a prebuilt Island-in-the-sea Spinneret which features (2) 22g inner needles with (1) 14g outer needle. For more details on this product which is in stock and ready to ship, please visit: https://www.customspinnerets.com/multichannel.

Prebuilt ramé-hart Island-by-the-sea Spinneret

We also offer a custom Island-in-the-sea Spinneret which can be built to your specifications. To learn more, visit the link above. When you're ready to order, go to: http://www.ramehart.us/custom-island-in-the-sea-spinneret/. Use the coupon below to save $50 on your Island-in-the-sea Spinneret whether you go with the Prebuilt or Custom version.

In addition to the Island-in-the-sea Spinneret, we also build a variety of custom multi-lumen configurations according to our customers' requirements. For more details, see the second section on this page: https://www.customspinnerets.com/multichannel.  Below is a sampling of previous custom multi-channel configurations. Please contact us if you have a multi-lumen / multi-channel application that we can help you with.

A Variety of ramé-hart Multi-channel Coaxial Needles


Side-by-side Spinneret
The Island-in-the-sea Spinneret is used to produce a composite nanofiber core made up of two different materials which is then enshrouded by an exterior of a third material. In some applications, a composite nanofiber is desired but no exterior is required. In this case, a Side-by-side Spinneret is what is called for. Currently, we offer a Prebuilt Side-by-side Spinneret which features two (2) 22g needles. We can also build a Custom Side-by-side Spinneret to meet your requirements. Please contact us with details of your Side-by-side Spinneret requirements and we can build to your specifications.

ramé-hart Side-by-side Spinneret

Use the coupon below to save $50 off any Prebuilt or Custom Side-by-side Spinneret.


Spinneret Arrays
We also make Spinneret Arrays. These include circular arrays, linear arrays, and rows and columns. These are also made on a custom basis. Please contact us with details of your array requirement and we can build to your specifications. Below are some samples of Spinneret Arrays we've made in the past. For more details, see https://www.customspinnerets.com/arrays.

Several Examples of ramé-hart Spinneret Arrays


Thank You
We'd like to express our appreciation to all of our spinneret customers. There are 100s of you around the world. We appreciate your feedback, your recommendations for improvements and new products. And most importantly, we appreciate your continued business. We will continue to work hard, innovate, and maintain high quality standards and superior customer service in order to serve you. Thank you.


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