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The Spinneret
Winter 2020

A ramé-hart Newsletter devoted to Coaxial, Triaxial, Quadaxial and Custom
Spinnerets used for Electrospinning, Bioprinting and Related Applications


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Electrospun Nanobandages
Nanotechnology is still a developing technology which is being exploited to find novel solutions to complex medical problems. Among these solutions is one that involves electrospinning to produce nanofibers for in situ wound treatment. Electrospun nanofibers can be optimized to emulate the extracellular matrix where healing occurs while providing a layer of physical protection. The nanofibers can be infused with materials such as silicon, collegen, antibacterial medicines and even cannabinoids which can promote healing and tissue integration while reducing pain at the wound site.

Electrospinning lends itself to medical applications because of its capacity to deliver a wide variety of biocompatible, medicinal and therapeutic materials directly to a wound area. The process involves spraying a melted polymer through a nozzle or spinneret while using electricity to produce a fine mesh. By optimizing the materials for hydrophilicity, the nanofibers can stick to any surface - even moist or blood-soaked surfaces. Porosity can also be controlled to optimize oxygen exchange and improve healing times.

An Israeli company is developing a handheld portable device that can apply electrospun nanofibers to wounds in any setting - in the hospital, in a home-care environment, or even in a battlefield clinic.1 The device, called SpinCare, produces a thin layer of temporary artificial skin. The material is transparent which allows care providers to better monitor the wound as it heals. Once the wound is healed, the artificial skin can be peeled off and discarded.

Other researchers are working on ways to develop polymer-based fiber mats for biomedical applications using both electrostatic and air-driven technologies.2 The goal is to make the production of fiber mats as feasible as possible - which means portable and able to work on flat as well as irregular surfaces.

Diabetic foot ulcers are often difficult to heal. Researchers in China are working on producing an electrospun mat for treating these ulcers. The nanobandage offers excellent porosity, oxygen exchange, and the right balance of antibacterial compounds.3

Coaxial electrospinning adds another level of possibilities. Medicines can be embedded inside the core and optimized to release over time. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati are using coaxial electrospinning methods to produce a tampon-like contraceptive.4 The method could also be used to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs to local sites without introducing excessive toxicity to the rest of the body.

Custom ramé-hart Quadaxial Spinneret

All of these developing technologies rely on a spinneret that is optimized for a particular application with a prescribed recipe of compounds and materials. We at ramé-hart pride ourselves in being the world's leading supplier of custom spinnerets - including coaxial, triaxial, and even quadaxial designs. We offer a wide array of prebuilt spinnerets and can custom make any spinneret that your application requires. To get started with our coaxial spinnerets, see this page. For other types of spinnerets, start at this page. Please contact us if you have a special spinneret application. We make all types of custom and special-order spinnerets to meet your specific requirements. 

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