ramé-hart Introduces a New Custom Spinneret with Tubing Inlets

SUCCASUNNA, NJ, June 21, 2022 - ramé-hart instrument company announces a new spinneret product. Over the past decade ramé-hart, the world leader in custom spinnerets, has fabricated at their New Jersey facility thousands of custom and prebuilt coaxial, triaxial, and quadaxial needles. Based on extensive customer feedback, ramé-hart has developed a new design, the Custom Coaxial Needle with Tubing, which adds flexibility for users. In lieu of the traditional female Luer fittings on the two inlets, tubing fittings are used which connect to the very popular 1.5mm ID PTFE Tubing. An option is available to convert the inner flow fitting from a tubing fitting to a female Luer connection in the event the user wishes to connect the inner flow directly to a syringe. Much like the Custom Coaxial Needle product, needle gauges and dimensions are user specified. A number of additional options are available. A new worksheet has been developed for the Custom Coaxial Needle with Tubing which can be found, along with ordering instructions, on the website: go to Products, then Coaxial Needles page, then go to Box 3. Like the other custom spinnerets sold by ramé-hart, this new product can be configured and ordered online. And much like the other customs spinneret products, fabrication time is one week or less. The product can be shipped to any address in the world.

About ramé-hart instrument co.
ramé-hart was born in 1961. During the 1960s, ramé-hart developed the world's first commercially available contact angle goniometer. Today, over 60 years later, ramé-hart continues to innovate and is the world leader in contact angle goniometry and tensiometry with over ten software-based camera-driven instrument models currently available and over two dozen accessories. For more information on the goniometer products, please visit For over 10 years ramé-hart has also become the world leader in custom spinnerets used for electrospraying, electrospinning, 3D printing, bioprinting, and related applications. For more information on the spinneret products, please visit

ramé-hart p/n 100-10-COAXTUBE
Custom Coaxial Needle with Tubing

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contact Carl Clegg, Director of Sales, ramé-hart instrument co., via phone 973-448-0305 or email.