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The Spinneret
Summer 2024

A Quarterly Newsletter from ramé-hart devoted to Coaxial, Triaxial, Quadaxial and Custom
Spinnerets used for Electrospinning, Bioprinting and Related Applications



New Product Announcement

ramé-hart instrument co. is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers through continuous innovation in response to market demands. Over the years, we have developed a variety of custom spinneret arrays, examples of which can be viewed in this album. In response to customer demand, we introduced a highly successful Prebuilt Linear Array product (p/n 100-10-PCLSAK) several years ago. For more detailed information on this product, please see the first box on this page.

ramé-hart Prebuilt Circular Spinneret Array Kit, p/n 100-10-PCA

Recently, we have developed a new product called the Prebuilt Circular Spinneret Array Kit, p/n 100-10-PCA, based on further customer requests. This versatile design accommodates up to 17 simultaneous dispensing needles. The array is fabricated from stainless steel and features 8 equally spaced male Luer fittings on a 2-inch (50mm) diameter and another 8 fittings on a smaller 1.25-inch (32mm) diameter, with an additional central outlet. The design allows for any combination of 1 to 17 outlets, each equipped with a male Luer fitting or plug. A female Luer fitting is provided on the opposite side for the inlet, which can be connected directly to a syringe or via one of our tubing kits. The use of industry-standard Luer fittings permits compatibility with various needle types, including reusable 304 stainless steel needles and plastic dispensing tips.

ramé-hart Prebuilt Circular Spinneret Array Kit, p/n 100-10-PCA

Needles and tips are available from ramé-hart but are sold separately. For more detailed product information on the ramé-hart Prebuilt Circular Spinneret Array Kit, please visit the second box on this page. This product is in stock and can be purchased at our web store here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this new product.


ramé-hart Spinneret Arrays for Electrospinning Applications

Electrospinning has revolutionized the production of nanofibers, offering unparalleled advantages in fields ranging from medical applications to advanced textiles. Central to this innovative process is the use of spinneret arrays, and ramé-hart instrument co. stands at the forefront with their prebuilt and custom spinneret arrays designed to elevate electrospinning efficiency and output.

Electrospinning involves transforming a polymer solution into ultra-fine nanofibers through the application of a high-voltage electric field. The process begins with a polymer solution, which, under the influence of the electric field, forms a Taylor cone at the tip of each nozzle in a spinneret array. Fine jets of polymer are ejected, elongating and solidifying into nanofibers as the solvent evaporates. These fibers are collected on a grounded substrate, forming a non-woven mat with remarkable properties.

ramé-hart's prebuilt and custom spinneret arrays are engineered to significantly enhance the production rate of nanofibers. Utilizing multiple nozzles allows for the simultaneous creation of numerous fibers, exponentially increasing throughput compared to single-nozzle systems. This design ensures uniform fiber diameter and distribution, resulting in consistent and high-quality nanofiber mats.

The new Prebuilt Circular Array, p/n 100-10-PCA, exemplifies ramé-hart's commitment to innovation. This array supports up to 17 dispensing needles and features the industry-standard Luer fittings which facilitate the use of various needle types. For unique applications, ramé-hart offers custom spinneret arrays designed to meet specific customer demands. By collaborating closely with customers, ramé-hart ensures that each custom array is optimized for the intended application, providing solutions that drive innovation and efficiency in electrospinning.

The versatility of electrospun nanofibers, produced using ramé-hart spinneret arrays, opens doors to a myriad of applications:

Filtration Systems: High-efficiency air and water filters.
Medical Field: Tissue engineering scaffolds, wound dressings, and drug delivery systems.
Energy Sector: Advanced battery separators and fuel cell membranes.
Textile Industry: Protective clothing and functional fabrics.

ramé-hart instrument co.'s prebuilt and custom spinneret arrays are at the cutting edge of electrospinning technology. By increasing throughput, ensuring uniformity, and offering scalable and flexible solutions, these spinneret arrays empower scientists and researchers to push the boundaries of what is possible with nanofibers. Discover more about how ramé-hart can enhance your electrospinning processes by visiting this product page. Unlock the full potential of electrospinning with ramé-hart – where innovation meets precision.


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