ramé-hart instrument company Announces New Model 90

Succasunna, NJ, USA October 1, 2018 - Today ramé-hart instrument company announces their newest instrument, Model 90. It's been a season of change at ramé-hart. One month ago, they released DROPimage Pro, their newest edition of powerful surface analysis software. And now today, they are releasing the first new instrument model in seven years.

Model 90 is available in two flavors: Model 90 Base Edition, includes the popular DROPimage CA software and is an entry-level tool optimized for contact angle. A number of upgrade options and accessories are available. The Model 90 Pro edition ships with the new DROPimage Pro software and can measure contact angle, surface energy, surface tension, and interfacial tension. Model 90 Pro Edition also includes PC and monitor.

Both editions of Model 90 feature a powerful German-made U3 Series camera capable of resolutions as high as 1920 x 1080 using the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface. Backlighting is accomplished by an adjustable LED backlight which provides cool and white lighting. An upgrade to a Fiber Optic Illuminator is also available. "With Model 90, we have delivered on our objective of offering the highest quality benchtop instrument at the lowest and most competitive price point," says Carl Clegg, Director of Sales at ramé-hart instrument company.

"Model 90 coupled with our new DROPimage Pro offers a compelling array of powerful surface analysis tools at an aggressive price point. Never before has ramé-hart, or any vendor, been able to offer an instrument-grade goniometer / tensiometer at such an entry-level price point. It really is a compelling proposition." says Cheryl Freitas, customer service representative at ramé-hart.

More product details can be found on the ramé-hart website. Go to

Contact: Carl Clegg, Director of Sales,, 973-448-0305