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June 2012

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The New Model 295 Automated Goniometer / Tensiometer
This month we are pleased to announce the debut of our new Model 295. This new offering shares many of the same qualities of our successful Model 290. For example, both models include the powerful Automated Dispensing System for improving drop dispensing accuracy, the Automated Tilting Base for performing advancing and receding contact angle measurements, and the powerful DROPimage Advanced software. What sets the Model 295 apart is the Advanced 3-axis Stage with fine and coarse vertical adjustment and modular leveling stage. This more advanced setup allows for support of a wider array of modular options such as the Environmental Chamber with temperature control up to 300° C, the Environmental Fixture for performing liquid/liquid and captive bubble studies, or the Oscillator for measuring surface dilatational elasticity. (Note that Model 290 will support the Environmental Fixture and Oscillator also - but not the Environmental Chamber and Temperature Controller.)

Model 295 Automated Goniometer / Tensiometer

Model 295 is well-suited for demanding research environments which require maximum out-of-the-box capability while offering the widest spectrum of upgrade options for more specialized applications. To learn more, visit this page http://www.ramehart.com/295.htm.


The Commercialization of Hydrophobicity
The only thing more challenging than developing cutting-edge nano-coating technology is selling it for a profit. Increasingly, however, companies are taking on the task of commercializing new hydrophobic coatings which not only benefit their bottom line but add value to their customers' products.

A company based in the United Kingdom, P2i Ltd., for example, offers a variety of nano-coatings which make products liquid repellent without altering their appearance or function. Their ion-mask product, for instance, adds an ultra thin protective layer to products such as footwear adding water repellency while maintaining breathability. They claim the nano-coating is physically bonded at the molecular level and consequently will last as long as the base material itself without degradation from everyday wear.

Shoe Treated with ion-mask Nano-coating

Fabrics can also be treated with the ion-mask coating rendering them water-repellent and adding a level of stain resistance without altering the character and feel of the material. Many other products, from eyewear to backpacks, could potentially benefit from this technology.

One of the most exciting developments in nano-coating developments is the waterproofing of electronic devices. Think hearing aids, smartphones, and tablets. In February we discussed making tablets and phone screens oleophobic. However important this treatment is in making the screen easier to use and keep clean, it's of no value if the device falls in the toilet or is left in the rain and is rendered inoperable.

P2i offers a product called Aridion which consists of a super-thin invisible nano-polymer coating which - when applied to a cell phone, for example - produces a hydrophobic skin which repels water, is bonded at the molecular level, and does not affect the look and feel of the device. However nice this is, the treatment only protects against splashes, not submersion.

Waterproof Smartphone

Two companies have developed even more advanced nano-coatings which protect against both splashes as well as underwater events. HzO offers a WaterBlock technology which is applied using a vacuum deposition process. And Liquipel, using a similar technology, coats not only the outside of the device, but internal components as well. For as little as $59, they will treat a smartphone or MP3 player with their nano-coating product. Liquipel is marketed as protection against accidental water exposure and includes no device replacement guarantee.

If you are developing or testing nano-coatings such as the ones mentioned above, there remains one tool for characterizing hydrophobicity: the contact angle goniometer. To learn more about the contact angle goniometers we offer, go to: http://www.ramehart.com/goniometer.htm

A Flash from the Past
ramé-hart was founded in 1961. This year we celebrate our 51st birthday. Below is a picture of some of the original employees. Ralph Nussbaum, George Meyer (not shown), and John Hertz were the founding partners from whom ramé-hart derived its name.

Original Employees of ramé-hart
Back Row (l to r): Ralph Nussbaum, John Hertz, Guenter Blankenfeld, Walter Kretz, Hartwig Labuske, Karl Rank. Front Row (l to r): Don Carlin, Geza Roman, Danny Dragonetti, John Mantlik, Bruce Morgenstern, Sam Rich.


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