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February 2010

Introducing Model 590

What better way to kick off a new year than with a new product. We're pleased to announce the newest addition to our product lineup, Model 590 Advanced Automated Goniometer / Tensiometer. This tool represents our most advanced and capable tool to date. With no additional options, Model 590 out of the box can measure static and dynamic contact angle, advancing and receding contact angle, contact angle hysteresis, roll-off angle, surface tension, interfacial tension, and surface energy using an array of software tools. In fact, with the included DROPimage Advanced software, it's possible to design sophisticated event-driven methods-based experiments that are easy to run and simple to understand. This instrument will also accept every available modular accessory available from ramé-hart, including the rotating wafer support up to 12" diameter, Advanced Chamber with Humidity and Temperature Control, Oscillator, Environmental Chamber, and more.

r a m é - h a r t   M o d e l   5 9 0

Model 590 ships with DROPimage Advanced Software with integrated support for the Automated Tilting Base and Automated Dispensing System. Both of which are included with the system.

Model 590 follows in the footsteps of her popular little sister, Model 290, introduced last year. Both systems are optimized for automated dispensing and methods-based experiment design including advancing and receding measurements via the tilt method. Model 290, however, lacks the full-length optical bench and modular 3-axis stage design necessary to support some of the larger options such as the Advanced Chamber. For maximum flexibility and upgradeability, Model 590 is hard to beat.

If you need a robust automated system that is powerful and expandable yet user-friendly, the Model 590 is well-suited for a wide array of contact angle, surface energy, surface tension, interfacial tension, wetting, roughness, absorption, spreading, cleanliness, and surface heterogeneity and characterization applications. Model 590 raises the bar for multipurpose surface science tools.

For more information including a downloadable PDF brochure, please visit our website. For a quotation or if you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us.

A Salute to Erick Bierlein

This past month we had the privilege of reconnecting with one of the original design engineers who worked for ramé-hart thirty-five years ago. Erick Bierlein contacted our office and we were able to place him on the ramé-hart timeline for a period in the early 1970's.

Mr. Bierlein designed and drafted many of the parts used in the original NRL goniometer and related accessories, including components used in our Elevated Temperature Syringe, a product that we have continuously offered for nearly forty years. In fact, this product is the only ramé-hart product that is still being fabricated primarily from the original mylar hand-drafted drawings - drawings that were produced by Mr. Bierlein. This is a testament to the longevity and timeless quality of an excellent product design.

Mr. Bierlein went on to work for American Can and then Tipper Tie, a division of Dover Industries, where his work resulted in a number of patents, before retiring. Our hat goes off to Mr. Bierlein for his early contributions to ramé-hart's broad goniometer product line which live on today.



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