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Lab Services

Whether you wish to evaluate ramé-hart tools with measurements taken on your samples - or if you needs are modest and you prefer to send your samples out for evaluation rather than purchase a system, ramé-hart instrument co. can be of assistance. Our fully equipped laboratory is able to provide the following types of measurements and studies:

  • Static Contact Angle

  • Surface Energy

  • Surface Tension

  • Interfacial Tension

  • Advancing and Receding Contact Angle

  • Roll-off Angle

  • Contact Angle Hysteresis

  • Surface Dilatational Elasticity

  • Studies at an elevated temperature

  • Custom Contact Angle and Surface Measurements

If you would like a quotation for the cost of lab work done by ramé-hart, please contact us with the following information:

  • Number of samples?

  • Size and weight of samples?

  • Types of measurements needed?

  • Number of locations per sample?

  • Number of measurements per location?

  • What liquids are to be used or tested? Other than deionized water, will they be provided by you?

  • Are any of the liquids or samples toxic or require special handling?

  • Any special requirements? Such as elevated temperature?

  • Standard turn around (about 1 week) or expedited?

Based on your response to the above questions, we can provide detailed pricing. Typically our turn-around time is under one week but expedited service is available on request.

Here are some of the samples we've tested recently:

  • Contact angle on treated glass samples

  • Contact angle on polymer surfaces

  • Contact angle, advancing and receding angles, roll-off angle, and contact angle hysteresis on silicon wafer

  • Interfacial tension of an oil in an aqueous solution at an elevated temperature

  • Contact angle on treated fabrics

  • Contact angle on silicone elastomer

  • Contact angle and surface energy of modified polymer samples

At ramé-hart instrument co. we have the professional tools, the extensive experience, and expert technicians that can take difficult and sensitive measurements to your specification and produce accurate and easy-to-understand reports with the information you need in a timely fashion. We are experts not only in fabricating the most respected contact angle goniometers and tensiometers available, but also in providing high-quality, high-value laboratory services using the world-class tools we manufacture.

Note that lab work can now be paid for online here: Please contact us first for pricing estimate before you check out.

For more information or a quotation, please contact us
or call 973-448-0305
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