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Why ramé-hart?

In the world of surface science and interfacial analysis, precision and reliability are critically important. Researchers, engineers, and scientists across various industries rely on instruments that can accurately measure contact angles, surface tension, surface energy, and other interfacial properties.

One company that has consistently delivered state-of-the-art goniometer and tensiometer instruments, ensuring longevity and reliability, is the ramé-hart instrument co. Since 1961 ramé-hart has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge instruments that serve a wide range of applications, from materials science to pharmaceuticals.

ramé-hart's enduring success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to quality. They revere the highest standards in product design, manufacturing, and customer support. ramé-hart's instruments are precision-engineered and hand-built with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring consistent and reliable performance for many years.

One of the hallmarks of ramé-hart is their incorporation of state-of-the-art technology. The company continuously invests in research and development to stay ahead of the curve, offering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers. A SuperSpeed digital camera that operates at 540 fps and is now standard on all models above Model 90 is an example of that. Their goniometer and tensiometer instruments feature advanced DROPimage software packages which provide intuitive control and data analysis. Whether you're measuring contact angles, surface tension, or interfacial properties, ramé-hart's instruments offer unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, making them indispensable tools for researchers and engineers alike.

ramé-hart's instruments have found applications in a wide array of industries. From aerospace to pharmaceuticals, their goniometers and tensiometers are trusted by professionals across the globe - in both academic and commercial environments. Whether you're analyzing the wettability of a new composite material or studying the surface tension of pharmaceutical formulations, ramé-hart's instruments can adapt to your specific requirements.

Investing in high-quality laboratory instruments is not only about meeting your immediate research needs but also about ensuring long-term reliability. ramé-hart's instruments are built to last, with rugged designs and rigorous quality control processes. This longevity is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste. ramé-hart has customers who are still using Model 100 instruments that were built 30, 40, and 50 years ago. An array of available imaging upgrade kits further extends the life of older instruments by modernizing their imaging subsystems, software, and computer. 

ramé-hart's commitment to excellence extends beyond its instruments. The company is known for its outstanding customer support and technical assistance. Whether you have questions about instrument operation, need help with data analysis, or require other service, ramé-hart's dedicated team is always ready to assist you.

Recognizing that every research project and application is unique, ramé-hart offers a range of customization options for its goniometer and tensiometer instruments. Whether it's adapting an existing instrument or developing a custom solution, ramé-hart works closely with its customers to meet their specific needs. For researchers, scientists, and engineers who demand precision, reliability, and longevity in their goniometer and tensiometer instruments, ramé-hart instrument co. stands as a trusted partner. With a legacy spanning over six decades, ramé-hart has consistently delivered state-of-the-art solutions that perform for many years, making them an indispensable asset in laboratories and research facilities around the world. By choosing ramé-hart as your partner, you gain access to cutting-edge technology, outstanding customer support, and the peace of mind that comes with investing in instruments built to last. Whether you're in academia, industry, or research, ramé-hart's commitment to quality ensures that your interfacial analysis needs are met with precision and excellence, today and for many years to come.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider ramé-hart:

I just love the way you respond so fast and organized! It is a pleasure working with you!



Mojtaba Enayatinook, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Troy University

We rely heavily on the goniometer and have been very pleased with the ease of working with it.

Thanks again, Noshir

Noshir S Pesika, PhD
Associate Professor
Tulane University

Thank you for the prompt response. As always, it's a pleasure to do business and love your products.

Thanks again, Sumant

Sumant Bhutoria
Alfatek Systems
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Thank you for your help. Your YouTube channel is great and has helped me with many processes along the way.

Thank you, Craig

Craig Klevan
PhD Student
Brown University

I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for your assistance in resolving the cable issue...Once again, thank you for your exceptional service.

Saeed Azizi
Graduate Research Assistant
Oklahoma State University

The instrument and support reinforce my notion that our purchase of the ramé-hart Model 590 was the correct decision.

Carl, I appreciate the effort and support. You and the folks at ramé-hart are prescient, prompt and professional.

Jeffrey A. Mathys, PhD
Senior Scientist
OxyChem, LC
Avon Lake, Ohio

I bought a ramé-hart tensiometer in 2014 and I’m still happy with the equipment. It’s very versatile, simple to use and it has been very useful for my research.

Rommy N. Zúńiga
Departamento de Biotecnología
Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

I’m always impressed with how efficient your system is and how quickly you get me what I need. Thanks for your help.

Michael Stewart
W. D. Von Gonten Laboratories

Thank you for all your help. I appreciate the free shipping and I thank you for that too. But for me, there is nothing better than really good customer service. A good product at a fair price is what I require from a vendor. But add to that really good customer service… that is the gold standard.

Kind Regards,

Nancy Kellerann
University of Connecticut

It is a great instrument and you always provide a great service.

Alicia Forment Aliaga
University of Valencia, Spain

A quick note on the 250 standard frame [Model 250]. This thing is beautiful, and a work of art; this is what craftsmanship is all about. Kudos to the engineers and the machinist who worked on this little guy. Great job folks, keep up the good work

Jerry Schoeffler
The University of Tulsa

...thank you so much for your time, prompt feedback, and advice! Your customer service is phenomenal!

Ciera Wentworth
Zarzar Lab

Thank you very much, sir. Great thanks to your kindness and direct responses. It's proud for me to know your instrument and be a part of your user [base]. It's a great tool for researchers.

Egi Adrian Pratama
Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

First of all, let me thank you your timely work on our recent purchase of 590 contact angle goniometer. It has arrived safely with full package, and we have already run hundreds of measurements on it...I have to say that your piece of equipment is the best contact angle goniometer I have worked so far with. It is versatile and flexible enough (including the software) to make it work the way we need and adjust to our changing needs.

Best regards,

Maxim Yutkin, PhD
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

We received the instrument early. Thank you so much for getting it out fast. We already have it setup and running samples. Everything is working out great and I'm very impressed with the quality of the instrument.

Thanks again,

Aaron Baldwin
MicroVention, Inc.
A Terumo Group Company

Thanks for your outstanding customer support! You have exceeded all expectations. Your efforts really helped us out despite the devastating setback we experienced due to our poor packing.

Thanks again,

Frank Lopez
Cordis, BWI, Codman
J&J Companies

The needle arrived today and it looks amazing. Thank you so much for putting all the extra work and effort in. It’s awesome to work with people who go the extra mile...Thank you again for putting all the work in and not hesitating to pick up difficult projects.

Kind regards,

Katharina Schirmer
University of Wollongong

Thank you so much for your help troubleshooting. It would have certainly taken us a significant amount of time without your advice.


Taylor Allred
Purdue University

Your company is so efficient and easy to work with. I can't say that about many companies these days.

Shnetha Booth

If I could have one wish for Christmas, it would be that all the lab instrument vendors that we deal with were as prompt and easy to work with as ramé-hart. Thank you for your help...

Thanks again,

Bruce K. Maguire

I want to extend my sincere thanks for your hospitality and training session. Shiv and I learned a lot about the many capabilities of our goniometer and hopefully we will have projects beyond our typical surface tension measurements in the near future. Thus far, our data is looking great. I am again grateful for your help with all of our work in the past and hope you have an enjoyable summer.

Best Regards,

Kenneth T. Holeva
Principal Scientist
Johnson & Johnson Consumer & Personal Products Worldwide

Thanks for your help; this is one of the reasons I'm glad we bought this system from you.

John Wietfeldt
SC Johnson

I order for the entire division, and I do a lot of online ordering.  I've gotten out of the habit of doing it online because some sites are so cumbersome.  Your website was perfect, easy, thorough, and quick.  Can't get much better than that. 


Beverly Davis
Alcon Research

I bought a ramé-hart contact angle instrument this past December. It was incredibly easy to 'plug and play' and start experimenting within a short time.

Thank you very much,

Michele Sanders
Harcros Organics Division

I reinstalled the software and everything is working good;-) .... I wanted to thank for all the technical support you gave me and for your patience. You are definitely one of the best technical support agents I've ran in to. So, thank you very much!

Koby Amsalem
Rafael, Israel

With great interest I received your mail concerning the ramé-hart instrument co. Newsletter (Lotus-Effect).

I think it is a very realistic approach.

With best regards,

Wilhelm Barthlott, PhD
Nees-Institut für Biodiversität der Pflanzen


Thanks, I have been working with you guys for over 30 years now. It has always been a pleasure to work with you.

Thanks again,

Mike Colvin Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation

The machine works great. Thank you so much for your help. Your technical know-how and customer service are exceptional (second-to-none)!

Best regards,

Herb Hand
Adhesive Research

That was a great piece of information [referring to October Newsletter]. Definitely, I'll take care of these basic things. Thanks for your concern...

Thanks and regards,

Dr. Rahul Singh
Bangalore, India

...your attachments give the step by step instructions that people like me find helpful! So far, I am loving the instrument, and look forward to exploring all of its capabilities. Thanks for your quick response and great help!


Debbie Nash-Makita
RS Industrial 

Thanks for the quick turnaround. Your willingness to extend a valid quote at last year's price speaks volumes of your company. The best tool and great service to boot. Wow - this is a great combination.

Thank you,

M. Jason Kelly
International Technology Center

Thank you for the information. I [have] contacted you several times and I am impressed with your professional service. Other customers should feel [the] same as me. Thank you for your help...these days.


Yao-Tsan Tsai (Anderson)
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology

I took to each of your suggestions and was able to obtain results within 0.3 mN/m consistently with published data. I cannot thank you enough for your help!

Thank you again for such timely responses and working through my issues, I never have seen customer service like this an any industry for research!

Tyler Blumenthal
Graduate Student
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

I just wanted to write to say I really enjoy looking at most of your monthly essays. I hope you keep it up. I find it interesting. I hope it is paying off over the long term in sales.

David W. Camp, Ph.D.
Chemical Engineer and Project Leader
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

I found your website to be extremely informative and resourceful to me. Thank you so much!

Kuo Yang
Graduate Student
University of Waterloo
Ontario, Canada

We like the instrument (Model 190) and your service is super.

Shangping Xu, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Geosciences
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Thank you for all the answers to my questions. Definitely great customer support! I look forward to your continued support.

Stephanie T. Sullivan, MS ChE, CPIM
Doctoral Candidate
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
North Carolina State University

We purchased your excellent goniometer Model 500 recently and have already used it for our investigations. Thanks...


Professor Edward Bormashenko
Ariel University, Israel

...I appreciate contacting someone at a organization that has an historical perspective of the company beyond six months. Merry Christmas and I toast to your having many more decades with such a good company as ramé-hart.

Professor Al Miller
University of Notre Dame

Thanks for the newsletter. I enjoy reading it each month. They are always well written, informative and entertaining.

Best Regards,

Chuck Extrand, PhD
Principal Scientist
Entegris, Inc.

Thank you very much, Carl! ramé-hart is really an excellent company that can extend your patient guidance to [us for] such an old piece of equipment on the other end of the world.

We hope to keep cooperating with your company.


Zhiyong Fan
GE China

Thank you so much for your quick reply and you answered all my questions. Carl, the way you answer questions is really nice by dividing them into parts.

Thank you sincerely,

Prem Bikkina
University of Tulsa

Thank you so have been a tremendous help to us. Your responsiveness and extensive knowledge about the goniometer are outstanding and that is the reason we chose to go with a ramé-hart system. You go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Thanks again!

Amy Wence
Cardinal Health

[Your] salesperson Carl Clegg has been very helpful and prompt. He is very knowledgeable about the products and is courteous and efficient.

Dr. W. Robert Ashurst
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Auburn University

We would definitely recommend ramé-hart instrument co. to a colleague looking for a surface analysis tool. We are satisfied with our instrument.

David Smith
Restek Corp.


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