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Contact Angle
Goniometer / Tensiometer Instruments

Discover the unparalleled dominance of ramé-hart instrument co., the unrivaled global frontrunner in contact angle goniometers and tensiometers, boasting a remarkable legacy of over six decades immersed in the science of goniometry.

Our journey began with the groundbreaking ramé-hart Model A100, an innovation birthed from the brilliance of Dr. William Zisman during his tenure at the Naval Research Lab (NRL) in the heart of Washington, DC. This NRL-inspired design, meticulously crafted by ramé-hart, heralded a new era as the world's very first mass-produced contact angle tool—a milestone that reverberated across the scientific community.

Today, the culmination of more than sixty years of relentless experience and trailblazing innovation resonates profoundly within every product we offer. At ramé-hart, surface science tools are not merely a facet of our business; they are our sole passion. With unwavering focus, our team of skilled machinists and instrument technicians devote their expertise to hand-building and meticulously assembling each unit, adhering strictly to rigid specifications that guarantee exceptional performance. Rest assured, no instrument departs from our facility until it has undergone rigorous testing, calibration, and meticulous scrutiny, ensuring that every single component operates flawlessly. We leave no room for compromise when it comes to delivering instruments of unparalleled precision and reliability. To guide you in discovering the perfect instrument to fulfill your scientific aspirations, we invite you to explore the comprehensive product matrix below. This invaluable resource illuminates the distinctions between our diverse instrument models, empowering you to make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your unique requirements. Embrace the scientific prowess with ramé-hart instrument co.—where decades of innovation, resolute dedication, and unwavering craftsmanship converge to redefine the landscape of goniometry.


ramé-hart Product Matrix

Measures Contact Angle
Measures Surface Energy (using suite of 7 SE tools)*

Measures Surface Tension and Interfacial Tension* Ϯ

Includes U3 Series SuperSpeed Digital Camera


Includes U4 Series SuperSpeed Digital Camera at 520 frames/second

Goniometer (G) or Goniometer / Tensiometer (G/T) G/T* G G/T G/T G/T G/T G/T G/T G/T
Edition of DROPimage: CA, Pro, or ADV (Advanced) CA/
System includes PC & Monitor
Supports U2 Series 750 FPS SuperSpeed Upgrade Kit (p/n 100-12-U2)        
16" or 21" Optical Bench 16" 16" 16" 16" 16" 16" 21" 21" 21"
Supports Manual Tilting Base n/a n/a

Supports Automated Tilting Base

Ϯ Ϯ Ϯ Std   Std
Standard Precision Locking Leveling Leveling Stage (supports 2 lbs)      
Advanced Precision Graduated Heavy Duty 3-Axis Stage with fine and course vertical adjustment and Leveling (supports 20 lbs)            
Includes Manual Syringe

Supports optional Automated Dispensing System

Std Std
Supports optional Oscillator Ϯ Ϯ Ϯ Ϯ
Supports Peltier Environmental Chamber
Supports Environmental Fixture
Supports Environmental Chamber            
Supports Heated Environmental Cell
Supports Hot Plate
Supports Advanced Chamber              

Supports all modular accessories

Maximum Wafer Support (diameter) 4" 4" 4" 4" 4" 4" 12" 12" 12"
Supports Vacuum Chuck 6" or 8"            
Includes 1-year Parts and Labor Warranty and Priority Software Support
Halogen Fiber Optic Illuminator LED^
Available in 115V and 230V
* -  Model 90 CA Edition would require a software upgrade; Model 90 Pro Edition (and all other models) can measure contact angle, surface energy, surface tension, and interfacial tension.
Ϯ - requires software upgrade
^ - Model 90 includes LED backlight but there is an upgrade option that will replace the LED with the Fiber Optic Illuminator (p/n 90-FOI)
♦ - Model 400 includes an 8" Wafer Support but supports up to 12".

Note that in September 2018 Model 200 was discontinued but replaced by Model 210. The only difference is the software. Model 200 shipped with the DROPimage Standard software (contact angle and surface energy) while Model 210 ships with the new DROPimage Pro (contact angle, surface energy, surface tension, and interfacial tension).

Note that all current goniometer models ship with a microsyringe fixture (p/n 100-10) and Manual Syringe (p/n 100-10-52) for manual dispensing. A wide variety of needles are available. See our chart here: The optional software-driven Automated Dispensing System is supported on all models. 

In surface science, an instrument called a contact angle goniometer is used to measure static contact angle, advancing and receding contact angle, and in some cases, surface energy. The root goni refers to "angle" while meter refers to measuring device. Thus a goniometer is a measuring device for angles. While the term has been used to describe a tool used by physical therapists and also for measuring other types of angles, the traditional and more prominent use of the word "goniometer" has been to describe a contact angle meter. Note that the term goniometer / tensiometer applies to all of our current models except Model 190 which is a goniometer only. A goniometer / tensiometer is an instrument that can measure both contact angle as well as surface tension and interfacial tension. All of our current models, except Model 190 measure both surface tension as well as contact angle and surface energy.

ramé-hart has a network of sales and service agents in over fifty countries. Our headquarters are in New Jersey, USA where we've been stationed since 1961. For a quotation or more information, please contact us today.

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