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Environmental Chambers and Temperature Controlled Accessories

ramé-hart offers the following environmental chambers and temperature-controlled accessories:

100-07 Environmental Chamber

100-11 Elevated Temperature Syringe

100-14 Environmental Fixture

100-26-T Advanced Chamber with Temperature

100-26-TH Advanced Chamber with Temperature and Humidity

100-30 Peltier Environmental Chamber

100-33 Heated Environmental Cell

100-33-HP Hot Plate

Use the matrix below to compare features and find the best heated accessory for your application.


Chambers and Fixtures and Temperature-controlled Options
Product Matrix

Part Number
Ambient Temperature Only


Humidity Control 0-100%            
Elevated Temperature  
Maximum Controlled Temperature  
Lowest Controlled Temperature              
Lowest Supported Temperature    
Temperature Resolution / Precision 0.1°C  
Includes Proportional Temperature Controller 100-50
Includes Proprietary Controller for Temperature or Temperature and Humidity            
Cooling Ports    
Inside dimension (width) mm 50   41     80 80 80
Inside dimension (depth) mm 30   26     55 55 55
Inside dimension (diameter) mm       152 152      
Inside dimension (height) mm 50   43 78 78 45 45  
Temperature LoggingϮ  
Supports Standard Quartz Cell 100-07-50 for liquid/liquid studies  
Supports internal adjustable stage for captive bubble and inverted sessile drop studies ^1   ^2 ^3 ^3 ^3 ^3  
Supported on all ramé-hart instrument models      
Supported on Model 260    
Supported on Models 500, 590, 790
Can be used stand-alone (without a ramé-hart instrument)
Available in 115V and 230V  
Part Number


Ϯ - Note that optional temperature logging requires DROPimage Advanced v2.7 or higher
- Upgrade kit available to add humidity control to 100-26-T.
ƒ - p/n 100-07-KIT includes both the Environmental Chamber 100-07 and Temperature Controller 100-50.
^1 - Cover with Stage (100-09) available separately.
^2 - Internal adjustable stage included with Environmental Fixture.
^3 - Currently available as custom option only.


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