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Model 100-30
Peltier Environmental Chamber

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The ramé-hart Peltier Environmental Chamber (p/n 100-30) is built on the ingenious and powerful Peltier effect. By double stacking Peltier units, we are able to achieve an amazing temperature range from -50° C to 150° C. The product includes the necessary controller and because of its small size, the Peltier Environmental Chamber is supported on every ramé-hart instrument from Model 190 up to Model 590.

At chilled temperatures, the Peltier Environmental Chamber produces excess heat on the non-chilled side of the Peltier stack. This is carried away by chilled water which circulates through the base of the chamber. A nitrogen flow is used to eliminate frosting of the windows. The nitrogen flow and ice water are not required at elevated temperatures. Note that the chilled water pump and all tubing and components are included with p/n 100-30. You will need to supply a nitrogen source. However, if your lab does not have nitrogen, we offer a nitrogen kit (p/n 100-30-NKIT).

What’s in the box
Peltier Environmental Chamber, product-specific Controller, chilled water pump and vessel, tubing, cabling, septum stoppers, extended adapter for use with the Automated Dispensing System, septum stoppers, set of (4) quartz windows, and detailed User Guide. The Nitrogen Kit is sold separately.

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